Friday, December 28, 2012

I Just Noticed 30 People Have Us In Their Circles!

Which is actually incredibly disturbing if the boundaries between your creepy fantasies and reality are slightly obscure. But anyway this is my thanks to everyone who added my blog's page in their Google+ circles to receive regular updates before everyone else! More Fan Service!

Sorry ladies and gay males there are more guys that added me in then girls (also I'm not a psychic who can tell if you're gay or not by looking at you...I'll leave that to the politicians and Catholics). So all my straight male and bisexual/lesbian lady viewers, I hope you will enjoy this picture and keep reading!

Also if some of you girls are wondering why this qualifies as attractive let me put it this way. The model eats. She does not eat too much. Thus her body is healthy and fit. This is attractive. Seriously, if you're anorexic just eat a fucking sandwich or something. Sheesh.

~I condone the massive re-education of women on the concept of being both healthy and hot.
~I also condone the murder of anyone dating anorexic women for promoting it.