Friday, December 14, 2012

So I Gave My Male Fans a Reward Last Time...

And I suppose any bisexual girls in the audience. With over 2,000 hits I'm sure at least one was bisexual (call me! Actually don't...if you know my number that would be incredibly disturbing...). Anyway I figure those few straight females (or gay males) who actually bother to read my blog deserve their own reward too! So I went through my old .gif and .jpg files and pulled up a picture of an All American Model! I'm not entirely sure where it came from but I can only assume I planned on putting it on pinterest or something. Well whatever it's yours now!

Have "fun" ladies (and gay males). And if I get a letter from woman's rights groups or gay rights groups protesting this post you guys will know on Wednesday. I'll be making fun of them!

Oh and on a side note men. If a girl you know rants about non-equal treatment between men and women and then expects you to hold the door open for her, pretend to open the door and slam it in her face. Hard.

~I condone this demolition of hypocritical feminists. (in other words, equal treatment means EQUAL treatment damn't)