Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Why Do I Never Learn?

So since exams are officially over today and I feel like the weight of the world is off my shoulders I thought I'd treat you guys by finding at least one half-decent piano or violin cover song. Unfortunately, all I got was some blood in my ears and I think I'm blind. I'm seriously concerned about my inability to learn from my past suffering. So instead of an awesome undiscovered video this week I hereby post this video of a cat I want to pet.

Take it or leave it I'm going murdering.

Oh on a side note, I am disappointed today. I learned that one of my friends got a letter from PETA urging him to take a sensitivity course after making several jokes about animal cruelty (namely setting pigeons on fire and throwing them at random politicians). Now I've been to various PETA meetings where I took out a chicken sandwich halfway through and ate it while they talked. Furthermore I've condoned their murder both on this blog and on my YouTube channel multiple times.

Where's my letter? :(

In revenge I ask you to set their headquarters on fire.

~I condone the total destruction of PETA for not sending me a complaint letter to make fun of.