Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I'm Not Watching This For the Sports!

No seriously I'm not, it's for the jokes about steroids and tiger wood's having sex with hookers when he has a wife that has bigger boobs than all of them...did I mention he's a fucking idiot?

Anyway as I promised last week it's all back on track this week, we're back to posting undiscovered YouTube videos instead of anti-Westboro videos...though I have been tempted several times. If you're interested in them look up "vs. Westboro" in YouTube and you'll get plenty of hits on funny videos there.

So what's new this week? My first exam of the semester is coming up on Friday's open note, open book, and also open group. I am not kidding, it's the greatest thing EVER! This professor is going to get a perfect score on his teacher evaluation, anyone who doesn't give him it is a moron. So if you see someone who you think "may" have given him a poor evaluation, shoot them.

~I condone this violence.
~I also condone the legal purchasing of guns to perform this year I'm getting a license to carry concealed weapons....for literally no reason at all! Thought it'd be cool to have.