Tuesday, January 22, 2013

OMG HTH WTFWJD 100 Have Us In Their Circles!

And I just horribly abused internet acronyms. Two birds with one stone...I mean TBWOS...nah first one sounds better, fuck internet slang. Except Lol. I will never stop using Lol. It's much easier to write than "hahahahahaahahahahaahahahahahaha you're a whore". Anyway instead of the usual celebration I'm going to do something different for my 100 google circle followers. After hearing the Westboro Baptist Church is up to its useless old hate again I decided to properly dedicate this week to raising awareness of this horrible excuse for a cult (it sure as hell ain't a religion) and would like to encourage all my gay and lesbian readers/viewers/it'safuckinghybridblog to join hands...and go make out at every single one of these bastard's pickets. Let's see how those fuckers like that eh?

Following that please burn their church down and save me the leader, I wish to stab him...twice...three times...you don't have enough hands to count the number of times I wish to stab the ignorant bastard.

~I condone these murders and the murder of this poor girl's parents...