Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Pokemon Memory Lane...

Oh don't give me that look if you honestly think any of us believe you didn't play Pokemon when you were younger you're delusional or just plain stupid. Everyone's heard of, played, or watched someone play Pokemon! Hell I still play Pokemon Blue cause it's awesome, so screw anyone who argues. On a side note did you guys know that PETA was actually up in arms about Pokemon being a game that taught children to make animals fight? If you think REALLY hard about it...that's probably the only argument they've ever made that is 0.0005% sensible! Congratulations PETA you actually made an argument that wasn't 100% stupid and pathetic for once with no logic, rhyme, or reason!

...They're still assholes, kill them by beating them to death using whoever the new Pope is as a weapon!

~I condone this use of the Pope as it's probably a nice break from all the pedophilia cover ups he's usually doing. (Shit i think I've managed to insult just about everyone on the planet as of now, quick give me more groups to offend! Atheists next week...sorry brothers and sisters...)