Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Because the Horse Isn't Quite Dead Yet Apparently...

So for those few of you who don't know what the hell this is, back in 2012 a video by a Korean rapper known as Psy scored billions of views on YouTube and sparked thousands of parody videos (95% of which sucked but some were cool). This video was called Gangnam Style. Sorry for those who were expecting an awesome undiscovered video today, instead you get a valuable service announcement! Let the fucking horse die already people. Gangnam style was funny for a while, the parodies were neat, and that's that. It's 2013, some people are STILL uploading parodies about it. If you are one of these please go fuck a landmine now.

And for the record this and similar statements are also directed at Disney who recently bought Lucas Arts and decided to make SEQUELS to Star Wars. Seriously? The series ended, everyone who watched it already had their childhoods brutally raped by George Lucas's stupidity in episodes 1-3. How much more of our childhood do you need to rape before you're satisfied, jerks? Initiate arson to save the movie industry (well what's left of it that hasn't been taken over by advertisements and product placement).

~I condone this highly justified use of fire.