Wednesday, April 17, 2013

An Undiscovered Source Filmmaker Video!

I dicked around with the source film maker for a while and never got it to do half of what I wanted (so I gave up) but looks like these guys know what their doing as far as lip sync and animation. Hell I'm surprised they don't have more views on this one. Well if all good artists got the views they deserved my blog would be out of business now wouldn't it?

Anyway I have a test tomorrow that I need to buckle down and prepare for so no offensive commentary today. Except that if the WBC decides to picket anyone's funeral from that Boston tragedy I will show them what hell really looks like. A lawsuit won't save you from all the pissed off people in Boston you jackasses. They will never learn.

~I condone everyone in boston turning the WBC into a pile of corpses by tomorrow should they even set one foot near the graves of that poor dead 8 year old kid.

oh and I can now claim all of the future success of this video as a credit to my blog cause I posted it first. Take that other blog owners!