Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I'm Not Sharing This Because it's a Good Video. I'm Sharing It Because I Was Surprised the Content Existed

And the part that scared me was the fact that I was actually surprised. I mean even for 1/10th of a second. I've been on the internet way too long to be surprised that this exists, I should have seen worse and I have seen worse. How could something this simple surprise me? I am scared now.

Oh and something interesting that happened today, apparently classes were cancelled because someone was loose with a gun on the UTA campus at 4 am. Now for the interesting bit, they usually send these alerts out via Mav Mail and post it on their website, but I usually just check the first one. Unfortunately UTA is switching to Office 365 e-mail and forgot to mention to us that our new e-mail passwords are different from our old ones for no explainable reason. So I thought the e-mail was still broken or something. Thus I missed the alert and drove 45 minutes to school, got turned around by a police officer and drove 45 minutes back. On the bright side I did learn how to access my e-mail from this so I guess not a total loss, but still. UTA customer service sucks.

Oh and nobody was hurt and the threat passed. Not sure what happened to the wacko with the gun but I hope he dies. I'm in summer classes and his intervention just added more to my workload for my classes...besides he was running around a college campus with a gun. I highly doubt he was doing something ethical.